Stewart loves to draw and paint, seldom to be seen without a pencil or brush in his hand.  Even owning an iPhone6 hasn’t stopped him.

He spent as many years as he could at Art School then taught for a while back in the days when students had grants and colleges had budgets for part-timers tutors.  Later with many more mouths to feed he worked in publishing and TV but always expressed himself best of all with a sketch or a diagram. 

He’s been on-stage sketching at music festivals for 25 years. Drawing is so unobtrusive that musicians are rarely aware of him until he presents them with the image to sign after the show.  And they’re always interested to see how he’s seen them and flattered to have been drawn. 

These days Stewart designs furniture made from recycled wood but is still in demand for illustration commissions.  He loves to visit old and new places and fill a sketchbook with everything that catches his eye and holds his attention. It could be a building, a plate of food, an exotic bird on a branch, the marketplace or a beach…. he captures the intrinsic atmosphere of a place.


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